EarthWhorls is owned by a local Connecticut jewelry designer who crafts  an impressive line of handcrafted jewelry from precious and semi-precious stones.

Client Requirements:

To redesign  which was run on a clumsy eCommerce template that visually robbed the beauty of the pieces for sale. We wanted to highlight and honor our client’s approach of letting the natural beauty of the stones do the work. After several strategy sessions, we decided that we needed to create a new Website design that would communicate the earthy, natural look and feel that EarthWhorls provides with their products.

Our Solution:

When EarthWhorls’s owner came to us last year they were were in a bit of a dilemma with the digital offerings of their professional e-commerce website. Despite having a beautiful line of hand -crafted one-of-a-kind jewelry, the website was run on a clumsy e-commerce template that robbed the beauty of the pieces. We wanted to adopt the clients’ approach of letting the natural beauty of the stones do the work. Despite having an abundance of content and good intentions, we identified key problems when playing around on the site - not only did we get lost, but the web pages were not turning up in search engine results because of poor structuring techniques and coding issues.

Focusing on the information architecture, we stripped back the areas on the site to showcase the jewelry, by taking individual high-end pictures of about 300 items; redesigned and did a complete overhaul of the designs and templates. With the notion of simplifying, we designed a clean, structured interface and put in place clear navigation to ensure a journey which guides the audience to relevant content and items on the site.  Another crucial factor of the site's success, is that we incorporated a complete online sales management tools package, a customer management interface; set-up email blasts, digital marketing, client tracking software, and gave the Site’s owner tools and resources she didn’t know she had.

Services Provided:
  • Web Design & Layout
  • Web Development
  • eCommerce Store
  • Customer, Sales, and Store Management
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Hosting

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