Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing a website is to have an understanding of how a robot, incapable of rational thinking, would "read" your site. Although Google & Bing have done an amazing job at discovering billions of web pages and what they contain, they are admittedly looking for help from each site they visit. A web page that fails to supply the info to the robot is a missed opportunity. 

Keep in mind that relevancy is the beating heart of a search engine like Google. If their result pages showed irrelevant results on a consistent basis, would you keep coming back? Because of this, search companies reward you for optimizing your pages and putting certain info into your code for them to find and ultimately help their accuracy. 

Every element on a web page, such as text, headings, images, graphics, and video, have opportunities to describe what they are about through HTML code. PTW takes the time to assign the appropriate specifications throughout development of our web pages. 

What this means for our clients is that their websites will be indexed properly in search engine databases and that they will be primed for further marketing efforts down the road. 

Search Engine Marketing

When your site is optimized, yet your competitors are still outranking you in the search result pages, it is time to run a campaign to start claiming your rightful place. There are numerous factors for a site to be dominating the online marketplace, just like in real life. Perhaps they have been around for a long time and have built a reputation. Perhaps they are in a non-competitive field and are unique in the industry. Most importantly, perhaps everyone is talking about them. 

That last point is an important one, because if you think about it, it's the only factor you can't fake. Online is no different. If there are many websites out there linking to yours, then search engines pick up on that and reward you handsomely. 

That is why our marketing campaigns focus so heavily on what is called "backlinking". PTW will get you the easy backlinks, such as industry directories and search engines, as well as the difficult-to-get backlinks, such as featured content and keyworded links on high traffic sites. 

The approach, just like the real world, depends on the industry you are involved in. 

Our campaigns are thoroughly tracked and reported on in order for you to evaluate your ROI. They are typically a 6-12 month campaign with clearly established goals that are continuously monitored, adjusted, optimized, and enhanced. 

Search Engine Marketing is a moving target, and our team specializes in making sure you are always ranking for your keywords. 

Do you think your competitors have a team managing their rankings?

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Have you ever noticed that search result pages have more than one section? There are sometimes up to 4 areas that are each important to be aware of. 

Pay per click (or PPC) campaigns are a quick and easy way to get your site on the first page. This can be a very effective way to drive highly qualified leads to your website and convert them into customers. 

PictureThis will manage numerous ads on your behalf and report on all of the traffic and new business it brings to your door. We will optimize the campaign to fit your budget and maintain an ad strategy that will continuously bring in new leads.

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