While still working on his bachelor's degree at Pratt, Evan had a part time graphic design gig at a studio in Manhattan. This studio was exclusively print, yet had a few clients interested in websites. With permission from his boss, and with production resources through school, evan offered to build the websites that his employers business would not.

After bringing in and overseeing numerous jobs for himself and his colleagues at school, the entrepreneurial spark ignited a lifelong desire of opening his own business.


PictureThisWEBCENTER was born and located in the living room of Evan's apartment in The Bronx. Meetings were held at more appealing places such as coffee shops and parks throughout the city. Projects were plentiful and the client base comprised of young artists and small businesses.


PTW opens a studio in Evan's home state of Connecticut. After numerous visits home and reconnecting with friends and family, Evan found he had a variety of opportunities for his business in CT. He quickly opened a studio in downtown Torrington and continued to grow his contacts and client list.


PTW hires its first in-house programmer, Elliot Berg. A young dynamo with programming knowledge far past his years. In fact, Elliot is the son of Sue Berg, who was Evan's instructor for Graphic Design 1 at Northwestern Connecticut Community College.


PTW upgrades its office location to the heart of downtown Torrington at 5 Water Street.  By now, the studio has grown to a half of a dozen members of the PTW family who are producing and managing sophisticated sites for a variety of projects.

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