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When designing for an interactive experience on the web, we think about two main things: the user, and the info you are trying to give them. Our challenge is connecting the two in a unique and engaging way. We use eye-catching design and intuitive functionality to stear the user down the intended path of converting themselves into your customer.

You may never know for sure why someone would visit your site. Perhaps they were looking for some general info like what you do. Perhaps they were looking for something more specific such as your Vice Presidents direct phone number. The information you provide on your site not only is industry specific, but it should always be supported on the device that the person is using to access your content.

Responsive Web Design
PictureThisWEBCENTER strategizes from every angle with what is called Responsive Web Design (see our blog post on it). RWD is creating web pages that respond to the size of the device the site is being viewed on by restructuring the layout, info, and adjusting to keep the content easily accessible on your site.


PictureThisWEBCENTER has specialists who design web pages, as well as programmers who develop those pages in a semantic and standards compliant way. We find that our clients appreciate the fact that we differentiate those two areas, as they each require a different background and expertise. Whereas web design focuses on aesthetics and the visual attributes of your site, web development is the area of taking the approved artwork, and through a variety of programming languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc.), turning your site into an organic, interactive, and personable reflection of your organization, personality and goals.

Not only is the web in a constant state of change, but so is the way it is built. Our programmers are very passionate about developing websites in cleanly written modern code and programming techniques.

What this means for our customers
Pages will load faster, graphics will render better, and content will be more digestible by both humans and search engine robots. Our customers also enjoy a scalable web platform that can be built upon infinitely to be of use many years into the future.


A professional eCommerce store is more than just a website that captures a credit card number.  While sales of course are the lifeline of an online store, you are going to want a way to manage your inventory, customers, shipping configurations, taxes, etc.

What we build for our eCommerce clients is basically a gloried Content Management System that securely allows our clients to manage every aspect of their entire store. This includes:

  • Sales management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer record keeping
  • Secure connection to credit card merchant accounts
  • Shipping options with live UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping rates displayed right in the shopping cart
  • Automated tax implementations
  • Sales, coupons, and deals management
  • Secure checkout process
  • Pretty much anything else you could think of
These features, paired up with our design and programming techniques give your customers a strong sense of security and an easy path to make a purchase.


Content Management Systems (CMS) allow someone who is not familiar with web programming to easily make changes and updates to their own site. What goes on behind the scenes, is that PTW builds regions to the site that are connected to an admin section through PHP web technology. This admin section is accessed by the client through a password protected web page. Multiple user accounts and privileges can be assigned to you and your staff.

A CMS allows you and your staff to control your website, its content, and your online identity. Through the admin section you can add text, make an announcement on your homepage, change your contact info, upload images andvideos, etc. This allows your organization to make timely updates and changes, and enables you to communicate with your audiences and to maximize the potentials of your business by updating your website with fresh information. 

Updating your site through a CMS is as easy as writing an email, or updating your Facebook status. 

There are many versions of CMS out there, that is why we'd like to go over all the features available to you so you can choose which ones will help you the most. We will train you in all areas of our CMS solutions so that you can easily create or revise web pages - whether these are major or smaller makeovers.


Our monthly hosting packages include unlimited online storage for your website files, eMail messages, and the databases connected to your website. Each of our hosting accounts are backed up numerous times a day and monitored for malicious activity. 

Why a Website Needs Hosting
When a website is built, the files need to be stored somewhere for the domain name to reference when someone visits your site. Why not store them on your computer? Well, you could actually do that, but every time you turn off your computer, or your house loses power, your domain name will pull up a blank and broken page.

This is why we use a hosting server. Here at PTW, we bought server space from a hosting company that has a climate controlled server room with numerous levels of back-up power. What does that mean for our clients? 99.99% website up-time.

Just like your computer, hosting servers have software, performance configurations, and hardware updates. This is why PTW opted to not host our own websites on our own server. We like the fact that our hosting company has 24/7 staff and technicians available who constantly update their software and hardware as well as constantly monitor the performance of their servers.  

PTW is your consultant for hosting, and will solve any hosting issue on your behalf.

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