Our Process

Online marketing is not known for being predictable and exclusively forward moving. Our process works because it adapts to zigzags and surprises all while including the valuable input and cooperation of our clients.

Strategy & Discovery

The first order of business is for us to develop a clear understanding of the core objectives of your project. This is done through simple Q&A with you and your team, industry and competitor research, and by auditing your current situation and resources. The point is to identify the strongest platforms and opportunities that fit your marketing and design goals, communication strategy, and organization as a whole. 

By taking the time to learn about you, we can create a hierarchy of content that will aid us across all aspects while developing the project.  Organizing and presenting content this way will speak directly to your target audience and will ensure that the most valuable content is at the forefront of your site and other collateral.

Throughout the beginning phases of our working together, we will host a Strategy Review where we present a plan that outlines what we will be doing and how it will be meaningful to your project. This is not a one-way discussion, rather it is a chance for your team to give us feedback and leverage ideas to achieve the best possible result.

Design & Development

Now that the objectives are clear and the plan of action has been confirmed during our Strategy Review, we can move the project into the creative and development phase. Our designers will begin by producing conceptual layouts, color schemes, interface elements, and add other pieces that contribute to a visual representation of your site structure.  

At PTW, we feel very passionately about the quality of design and how it directly reflects the quality of the site visitors experience. User will instantly associate you with the characteristics of your site. Is it disorganized, visually unsettling, annoying or confusing? Or is it intuitive, pleasing to the eye, thoughtfully laid out and executed?

Especially while on the web, people are very impatient and won't spend the time to figure out how to get what they came for; the will simply go elsewhere. The trick is to clear a path for them that makes it as easy as possible to find what they are looking for. Our experience and the level of attention we invest into these design factors are well worth the time and will result in your site visitors having full faith in your service and abilities.

A website can be built hundreds of ways, of which only a few are correct and comply with the web standards set forth by WC3 as well as the ranking formulas for search engine giants such as Google. 

At PictureThisWEBCENTER, we stay as close to the cutting edge as is supported by these standards in terms of programming techniques and development practices.  We work in the latest versions of HTML, CSS, and other technologies as to be a part of a semantic web.  Therefor, we hand-code our websites to ensure cleanliness and scalability to support the growth and any modifications that your site may have for the future.

Refine & Test

As stated above, there are hundreds of ways to build a website, and even though a page might look good on the front end, it may be hurting your web presence in other ways. 

Up until this point in our process, we have been mostly thinking about the user and what their experience is like while on your site.  That should always be first.  However, each website we produce goes through testing and looking for opportunities to refine and enhance its performance.

Browsers & Devices
While under review, we look for compatibility with all of the modern browsers and devices.  It may look fine while using Firefox on your laptop, but how does it look on your iPad using iOS?  Your desktop at work which has a screen resolution of 1024×768 shows the website just right, but how does it look on your 480×320 smartphone?  Why does old versions of Internet Explorer render the site differently?  With all the devices coming out at such a rapid pace, building responsive websites with inherit compatibility is the answer to being consistent.

Optimized for Search
We understand what search engines are looking for, and how to give it to them (wrapped in a bow).  Search engine "spiders" come to your site and scan it for content in order to figure out what it's about and how to index you.  Most of the information is gathered from the content of your site and how well it was structured.  We know the rules and build our websites with them in mind so our clients will be properly indexed and easily found.  When optimization isn't enough, we can take it further.

Managing Your Own Site
We build Content Management Systems (CMS) when the client wants the ability to edit their own site.  The CMS will be built complete with user accounts and necessary permissions so that your internal team can make changes and updates without having to worry about breaking the site.

Launch & Grow

Congratulations! We've pushed the launch button and your shiny new website is up and operating like a dream. Are we done? Nope.

What Your Site is to Your Business
An effective result producing website is never finished. It's a constantly evolving platform for communicating to your entire customer base and new potential clients.  All of your marketing efforts, announcements, releases, and new developments should somehow be featured on your site in near-real time. 

The beauty of a company with a website is that it offers the ability for someone to voluntarily research the business in depth. No other marketing tool can offer that. Your website acquires a qualified and captive audience and offers your business an opportunity to design an experience that communicates what it would be like to do business with you. Show your audience that you are an active industry leader by keeping your content fresh.

Tracking Progress
Monitoring the traffic on your site will reveal trends and opportunities for your business to capitalize on. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, your website offers a very thorough and complete look at what works and what doesn't.

Search Engine Marketing
Being optimized and indexed in search engines may not be enough. Check out our Search Engine Marketing Page for info on how to grow your presence on the world wide web.

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